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Database support level

DatabaseNormal supportMaximum supportIs open support
MySQL5.6+ / 10+5.0.2+ / 5.0.2+Open
MariaDB5.6+ / 10+5.0.2+ / 5.0.2+Open
Microsoft SQL Server2012+2005+Not yet open
Oracle11+9+Not yet open
SQLite3.12+3.7.16+Not yet open

Normal support

Normal Support indicates that most features should work, but not all versions are tested in configurations, so there may be some unsupported edge cases. We will try to fix issues affecting these versions.

Maximum Support

Maximum Support means we try to support their basic functionality, but there is a high chance that unsupported functionality or bugs will occur in some use cases. Pull requests with related issues can be accepted to continue supporting older versions and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Is it open to support

Open means that the data management function has been opened to the outside world in the version we released;

Not Open means that the data management function will be opened to the outside world in a future version;