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DBLAB Quick Start Guide

Welcome to DBLAB, embark on a brand new AI database management experience! The Quick Start Guide will guide you through getting started quickly, enabling you to easily begin managing databases.

Connecting to the Database Server

When using database management software, connecting to the database is a crucial step.

To create a new connection, click the connect button and select your server type. Then, enter the necessary information in the connection window.



You can edit the properties of the connection by right-clicking on the connection and selecting "Edit Connection".

Viewing Databases

Once connected successfully, you'll be able to browse the structure and content of the database. Using the navigation tree structure, you can view objects such as tables, fields, primary keys, and more in the database.


Browsing Data

After connecting to the database, double-click on a data table to easily browse and view the data in the database.

Detailed Information

Viewing Detailed Table Information

On the table data view page, click the Details button to view metadata information, DDL, and table properties for the current table.

Click the Details button again to close the display.

Detailed Information

Managing Data Using AI Assistant

DBLAB integrates an AI assistant that can quickly help you achieve intelligent data management.

Opening AI Assistant

Click the AI Assistant button on the menu bar to open the AI assistant page.

You can click the + button to create a new conversation or click the History button to view history.

AI Assistant

When the AI assistant is activated within the current table, it interacts with the current table by default.

Interactive Q&A

You can interactively ask questions and converse with the AI assistant, such as querying data, generating code, generating SQL statements, fixing SQL errors, optimizing SQL statements, and more. Discover more functionalities awaiting you!

AI Assistant

Copy Button: Copies the current content.

Console Button: Opens the current SQL statement in the console.

Run Button: Executes the current SQL statement directly in the console.

Searching Data

In the current table, you can perform fuzzy searches and SQL queries. Click the Query Data button to switch to query mode.

Search Data

Data Management

Rich data management features are provided, including adding, editing, deleting records, etc. You can also access these functions by right-clicking on table objects.

Manage Data

Importing and Exporting Data

Supports exporting data in different formats (such as CSV, Excel) as well as importing data from external files. This makes data migration and backup very convenient.

Import and Export Data

Querying Data (SQL Console)

Using the built-in query tool, you can easily execute SQL queries. Select a table, click the "Query" button, then enter your SQL query statement and execute it.

Query Data

This is just a quick start section; we recommend consulting the detailed user manual for more information on advanced features and operations. Enjoy using it!