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AI Assistant

Explore the forefront of future database management with AI Assistant, paving the way for intelligence!

AI Assistant is an application based on artificial intelligence technology, aimed at helping database administrators simplify database management tasks, improve database performance, and reliability. AI Assistant provides a range of intelligent features, including automatic query optimization, natural language querying, automated backup and recovery, intelligent security detection, intelligent data cleaning and transformation, and more. With these features, database administrators can more easily manage databases, reduce manual operations, mitigate the risk of human errors, thereby improving work efficiency, and ensuring the security and availability of databases.


Enable AI Assistant

Click on AI Assistant from the toolbar to open the AI Assistant interface.

Add New Chat

Click + in the AI Assistant interface to open a new chat interface.

Interactive Dialogue

You can interactively question and answer with AI Assistant, such as querying data, generating code, generating SQL statements, fixing SQL errors, optimizing SQL statements, and more. More functionalities await your exploration!

Copy Button: Copy the current content.

Console Button: Open the current SQL statement in the console.

Run Button: Run the current SQL statement directly in the console.

Multi-table Join

Select the tables to be joined in the Database navigation window, and interactively question and answer with AI Assistant.

View History

Click History in the AI Assistant interface to open the AI Assistant history interface. In the history interface, you can manage historical AI Assistant records.