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Update log



✨ Open MariaDB database support

🚀【Optimization】PostgreSQL database management

🐛Fixed the problem of conflict between app update restart and app closing prompts

🐛 Fix login problem

🐛 Fix PostgreSQL database shutdown problem



🔥【New Feature】Collection and feedback of application running error information

🚀【Optimization】View table data tab display

🚀【Optimization】AI settings

🐛 Fix PostgreSQL editing table problem

🐛 Fixed connection password error prompt

🐛 Fix SQL Query Console PostgreSQL issue



✨ Open PostgreSQL database support

🔥【New Feature】Database connection configuration

🔥【New Feature】Import/Export Connections

🚀【Optimization】AI function

🚀【Optimization】Remember password function

🚀【Optimization】Exit the application prompt box and add the no prompt function

🐛 Fixed the problem of duplication of tabs in refresh table

🐛 Fixed the problem where key cannot be created during Redis database initialization

🐛 Fixed drop-down box UI display problem



✨ Open Linux version for public testing

🔥【New Feature】Dark Theme Mode

🔥【New Feature】Database table management multi-select copy

🔥【New Feature】Copy tables across connections

🔥【New Feature】Close confirmation prompt box

🔥【New Feature】Right-click to copy name

🔥【New Feature】Menu Bar

🚀【Optimization】Causing issue when opening database management

🐛 Fixed the conflict between query console shortcut keys and Macos shortcut keys, changed to Alt+Q

🐛 Fixed the problem that AI Assistant cannot save records when no table is selected

🐛 Fix generated code data type mapping conversion problem

🐛 Fixed the problem that the Chinese input method prompt information in the AI chat box is not hidden

🐛 Fixed table data copy and paste problem



🔥【New Feature】Wake up/off AI Assistant shortcut key [Alt+X or ⌥X]

🔥【New Feature】Right-click menu shortcut key prompts

🔥【New Feature】Optimize macOS right-click menu display style

🔥[New Feature] Right-click shortcut for data transfer/code generation

🚀【Optimization】Code generation function, new multi-data type mapping

🚀【Optimization】Save data and exit editing mode

🐛 Fixed AI initialization loading problem

🐛 Fix generated code initialization problem

🐛 Fix edit table index

🐛 Fix database management search problem



✨Open macOS version for public testing

🔥【New Feature】AI Assistant configuration function

🔥【New Feature】SQL query optimization/parsing function

🔥【New Feature】Table management interface code generation function

🔥[New Features] Right-click on database management Copy table/Copy table structure/Rename function/Code generation

🚀【Optimization】Database management tab page function

🚀【Optimization】Search function on code generation configuration page

🚀【Optimization】App update

🐛 Fixed some known issues



🔥【New Feature】Open Redis database support

🚀【Optimization】Tab bar right-click menu function

🚀【Optimization】Dynamic column width display in editing/viewing tables

🚀【Optimization】Data migration-structural synchronization table sorting

🚀【Optimization】Data Migration-Help Document

🐛 Fix generated code template comments



🔥【New Feature】Data Migration-Data Transfer Function

🔥【New Feature】Data migration-table structure synchronization function

🔥【New Feature】Left click to display the database

🚀【Optimization】Index management

🐛 Fixed some known bugs



🔥【New Feature】SQL console code comment Ctrl+/

🔥【New Feature】SQL console search function Ctrl+F

🔥【New Feature】SQL console replacement function Ctrl+H

🔥【New feature】SQL console case conversion function Ctrl+Shift+U

🔥【New feature】SQL console naming convention conversion function Alt+Shift+U

🚀【Optimization】App memory usage

🐛 Fix refresh table function



✨ Open Windows version for public testing

🚀【Optimization】AI Assistant

🐛 Fixed some known bugs



🔥【New Feature】Data import function

🔥【New Feature】AI Assistant Message History

🚀【Optimization】AI Assistant Chat

🚀【Optimization】Batch data insertion efficiency

🚀【Optimization】Linkage between editing tables and data types

🚀【Optimization】View data column width

🚀【Optimization】Data export function

🚀【Optimization】Data generation


🎨 Beautify the interface display of Mac and Linux

🐛 Fixed the problem of AI Assistant running mode and database not loading

🐛 Fixed the problem that AI Assistant keypad Enter cannot send messages

🐛 Fixed the problem of switching failure in internationalization of Table query mode

🐛 Fixed the problem that Table search cannot be reloaded

🐛 Fix database session connection problem

🐛 Fix Mac encoding problem

🐛 Fix MySQL Bit type data problem



🚀【Optimization】SQL console shortcut keys and right-click menu

🚀【Optimization】Edit table

🎨 Optimize ComboBox display

🐛 Fixed the problem of deleting data in multiple selections

🐛 Fixed the issue of moving fields up/down in edit table

🐛 Fixed multiple selection problem in data table



🔥【New Features】Interactive AI assistant that can query data, create databases, simulate data, repair SQL, optimize SQL, etc. More features are waiting for you to discover!

🔥[New function] Display fields, primary keys, and indexes in the table, and cooperate with AI assistant to improve usage efficiency

🔥[New feature] Data drag and drop function, you can drag and drop directly to the console, AI assistant, etc.

🚀【Optimization】MySQL connection liveness check

🚀【Optimization】AI Assistant

🚀【Optimization】Update program

🚀【Optimization】Breadcrumb navigation

🚀【Optimization】Personal Center

🚀【Optimization】Progress bar display

🚀【Optimization】SQL console log printing function

🐛 SQL query console large data performance issues



🔥【New Feature】Data export, export data into SQL statements, CSV, Excel, JSON, Markdown, XML files

🔥【New Feature】Navigation bar, you can quickly view the location of the current operation

🔥【New Feature】Home/Last Page Function

🚀【Optimization】Toolbar SQL console connection/database echo

🚀【Optimization】Copy and paste special symbols


🐛 Fix Table refresh status

🐛 Fixed the problem of updating multiple non-primary key data

🐛 Fixed the issue of selecting execution in SQL console



🔥【New Feature】Code generation function

🚀【Optimization】Console field prompts

🚀【Optimization】Copy and paste special symbols

🚀【Optimization】Update prompt function

🎨 Added zebra pattern display

🐛 Fixed the issue of special characters in edit table

🐛 Fixed the issue of GeomCollection data type in edit table

🐛 Fix table refresh problem



🔥【New Feature】SQL console AI SQL repair function

🔥【New Feature】Smart association function for editing table fields and data types

🔥【New Feature】Close the function of saving and editing table data in tabs

🚀【Optimization】Edit table shortcut keys

🚀【Optimization】Edit table right-click menu

🚀【Optimization】View table column width display upgrade check

🚀【Optimization】Upgrade check

🐛 Fix AI assistant encoding problem

🐛 Fix editing table issue



🔥【New Feature】SQL editor metadata automatic insertion function

🚀【Optimization】SQL editor auto-completion function

🚀【Optimization】AI Assistant

🚀【Optimization】Optimize SQL console

🐛 Fix text matching issue



🚀【Optimization】Data saving

🚀【Optimization】Version update

🎨 Optimize UI interface

🐛 Fixed the problem of dynamic width of view table page

🐛 Fix scrolling tab display issue in macOS



🔥【New Feature】Add console AI function

🚀【Optimization】Version update

🚀【Optimization】SQL preview

🚀【Optimization】Multi-select cell input

🎨 Optimize UI interface

🐛 Fixed batch copy and paste issue